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Results published on our website may contain information supplied to us by races and runners. As we are unable to verify all the information that we are supplied with, Premier Timing does not guarantee the accuracy of some of the personal details mentioned in the results (such as names, ages etc...)

Privacy Notice
The publishing of results in an event you registered for may contain personally identifiable data such as your name, age, gender, club or team name, event photographs etc.  During your registration process you agreed that such data may be used for the purpose of the event, including publishing the results of the event.  Should you wish your data to be hidden you should make the appropriate request through the Help Center indicated at the top of each page by a question mark [?] icon.  All such requests will be honored in a manner as expedient as possible. Some page data may still exist cached by different browsers and we are unable to guarantee that the data will not appear through any other means.

Permission Grants
Premier Timing will consider any requests to use material from this site. To contact Premier Marathons for copyright permission, kindly contact our office.
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