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Premier Timing uses the ChampionChip timing systems as its main timing technology. ChampionChip is the original and most widely known chip timing system, used in 60+ countries around the world for the past 20 years – we believe there is no better or more accurate timing system for mass sports events. We also use the ProChip system, a sister product of ChampionChip for smaller events requiring even greater accuracy.

We can provide you with a timing solution for literally anything that moves, whether it be a person, bicycle, horse, car, skier, firefighter or falcon, so if you're looking for a timing service but you're not sure if we can help, please do get in touch with us.

ChampionChip & ProChip Timing Services

ChampionChipChampionChip is a personal chip (transponder) timing solution with each participant either owning their own Classic ChampionChip or being provided with a rented ChampionChip for the event. Chips are worn either on the shoe (e.g. running, stair climb etc), on an ankle strap (triathlon, duathlon, swimming etc) or on a bike clip (cycling) and are pre-assigned to a participant using the event's registration data. The timing system works with special timing mats placed at Start and Finish points to register net (personal) times and can also be placed at split (interim) distance/position points on your event course. Each time a participant wearing a ChampionChip crosses over the mat, the chip sends out an ID number (pre-matched to the participant's registration data) which is read by the antennas in the mat and sent to our control systems, along with the corresponding time for processing.

Systems are modular and can be deployed in various widths, depending upon your events requirements (number of starters, distance of timed event, number of mat crossings, type of event etc). A standard system is 4m wide and consists of a main and back up line You can request a free, no-obligation quotation right here.


ProChip is our 'active' solution intended for events requiring a much greater degree (1/1000sec) of accuracy and/or for smaller events requiring a more portable system or where a required detection point cannot be a flat mat (e.g. sand/snow etc). ProChip chips are normally rented only due to the high individual replacement cost but regular events may wish to look at a chip lease-to-buy option. ProChip and ChampionChip systems are not interchangeable.

Full Results Service - online in a fully searchable database/printed/SMS/social feeds

All* of our events benefit from printed results available to the Event Organizer at the finish line. Results typically display overall rank, participants' names and gross finish time as well as bib number, nationality and club/company name (where applicable). Category results (when requested in advance) are also printable. Printed results normally carry the event logo and the time/date of printing (to avoid any discrepancies if later/amended results are subsequently printed).

Unless specifically requested otherwise, all events are provided with their results uploaded to our custom online results database, fully searchable for participants and offering excellent additional 'owner benefits' for Classic Chip owners. Our Online Results also include a race overview of results, overall average placement and various filters. This service is free to all participants and events which offer Online Registration Services with Premier Online

We can also provide bespoke results (and live split times) by SMS to all registered participants (conditions apply; please refer to the FAQs section)

*except our Low Cost Timing Service which operates under special conditions.

Race bibs (number) – custom design, printing and supply

We can design, print and package bespoke race bibs for you. Our standard bibs are made from Picofilm. This premier quality material is waterproof, weatherproof, sweat proof, tear proof and allows for perfect digital printing in full color (CMYK) with no restrictions on digit size, positioning or color and comes with 4 punched corner holes (or two only on request for tri belts) and pins for easy attachment.

You can request our current price list here

Commentator Information System (CIS)

Our CIS systems enable us to provide the Event Organizer with an iPad (or static laptop) which will display live (participant crossing) data (pre-determined and customizable) from a pre-designated position (normally ~200m before the finish line) to enable a commentator to personally welcome/congratulate/comment upon for the benefit of everyone gathered at the finish line. You can request the inclusion of a CIS on any timed event.

TV Graphics

We can create and display/feed (in real-time) custom screen graphics for your TV broadcast. Please use the Contact form to request more information about our TV Graphics Service.

Timing Certificates

Timing certificates are highly appreciated by the majority of participants and become an affordable, yet personalized souvenir of participation. We can create and implement Online Timing Certificates that can be easily downloaded (for free) by each timed participant. Timing Certificates also act as valuable additional collateral for your event sponsors as they can be custom designed to include your event and sponsor logos. We can also provide a 'print-on-demand' solution for paper certificates printed at the event or mailed post event.

Associated Online Sales

If your event employs photographers you can access a valuable additional source of both revenue and event brand awareness by getting personalized photos displayed directly to the featured participant. Using our Race Photo Sales System you can have personalized, souvenir or finish time branded photos linked through to each individual's results and targeted directly to their email inbox inviting individual or group image purchasing/payment. Your participants get a great souvenir to share with friends and social networks, you get an additional revenue stream and the proliferation of images brands your event in the process.

Race Clock Hire

You can also hire our Seiko Race Time Display Clocks to enhance your finish line / split point. Clocks can be hung, mounted on cars (cross-body roof rack required, not supplied) or left free standing. Display functions include: count up (stopwatch) mode, countdown (timer) mode, measurement range is 99hr, 59min, 59sec, can run for up to 36hrs, come with a 5m wired control and clocks can be used indoors or outdoors. Race clocks can be hired by themselves and be self-operated or may be hired with a timing service.

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