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219 (85.5%)  37 (14.5%)
Male Female
172 (78.5%)  29 (78.4%)
Average Time
Male Female Overall
01:10:45  01:20:30  01:12:09

106 (29.3%) 55 (21.5%) 0 (0%)
Fastest Time
Male 01:02:16 - Ali Al Jaberi
Female 01:17:49 - Hele Bachofen
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DQF Reason

Incorrect race number / participant
Ali Al Jaberi Male 15 UAE 01:02:16 Faster than Average Finish   Show Chip Time   Download Certificate
DNF Abdulla Al Hammadi Male 18 UAE DNF
DNF Hamad Abdullah Abdulrahim Male 32 UAE DNF
DNF Mohamed Al Ghafri Male 34 UAE DNF
DNF Ravindra Jonnavithula Male 211 IND DNF
DNF Pranav Jonnavithula Male 212 IND DNF
DNF Allan Esterhuizen Male 214 RSA DNF
DNF Glenn Alfred Agan Male 217 PHI DNF
DNF Kostiantyn Fillipov Male 221 UKR DNF
DNF Conor O'Flynn Male 226 IRL DNF
DNF Andrzej Sulimierski Male 230 POL DNF
DNF Vahab Asnafzadeh Male 231 IRI DNF
DNF Isagani Porcina Male 234 PHI DNF
DNF Ibrahim Alaqi Male 237 KSA DNF
DNF Andrew Laity Male 238 GBR DNF
DNF Marc Adam Male 253 CAN DNF
DNF Lawrence Lumanlan Male 265 PHI DNF
DNF Piyus Kanungo Male 281 GBR DNF
DNF Adnan Poonawala Male 287 USA DNF
DNF Leif Bredgaard Honore Male 296 DEN DNF
DNF Eric Dosayla Male 298 PHI DNF
DNF John Bryan Buenaseda Male 299 PHI DNF
DNF Charles Giere Male 300 PHI DNF
DNF Cheeno Dela Cruz Male 301 PHI DNF
DNF Ben Armitage Male 302 GBR DNF
DNF Anthony Crasto Male 304 IND DNF
DNF Deepak Alexander Male 309 IND DNF
DNF Krystian Ruminski Male 312 POL DNF
DNF Devan Ellapa Male 333 RSA DNF
DNF Kringo Palles Male 340 PHI DNF
DNF Aleksey Kopyl Male 344 UKR DNF
DNF Sushmeet Singh Male 345 IND DNF
DNF Andy Mac Male 346 GBR DNF
DNF Anil Gaur Male 351 GBR DNF
DNF Jon Abrego Male 355 ESP DNF
DNF Saad Al Mohammed Male 357 IRQ DNF
DNF David Millington Male 359 GBR DNF
DNF Ahmed Eldosouky Male 361 EGY DNF
DNF Mohamed Aldesouky Male 362 EGY DNF
DNF Maysara Ali Male 363 EGY DNF
DNF Riad Abdullah Al Dhahnani Male 397 UAE DNF
DNF Jaber Yaqoub Hassan Male 416 UAE DNF
DNF Safar Mohamed Hassan Male 425 UAE DNF
DNF Shahed Hassanali Male 426 TAN DNF
DNF Saeed Mohammed Ali Male 433 UAE DNF
DNF Obaid Maktoum Sultan Male 444 UAE DNF
DNF Mohammed Hassan Al Matroushi Male 445 UAE DNF
DNF Rajeev Ramprakash Male 448 IND DNF
DNF Aisha Al Mehairi Female 515 UAE DNF
DNF Maral Oughourlian Female 517 LIB DNF
DNF Charmae Giere Female 518 PHI DNF
DNF Sharya Bicera Female 519 PHI DNF
DNF Afnan Abdullah Female 536 UAE DNF
DNF Abeer Abdullah Female 538 UAE DNF
DNF Kifah Sbeitan Female 548 JOR DNF
DNF Fatima Hadid Female 549 UAE DNF
DNS Mohamed Alniyadi Male 63 UAE DNS
DNS Rashid Khalifa Butti Al Falasi Male 64 UAE DNS
DNS Gerhard Pretorius Male 201 RSA DNS
DNS Jonathan Agustin Male 202 PHI DNS
DNS Ashraf Hamdan Male 203 SYR DNS
DNS Raul Lumenario Male 204 PHI DNS
DNS Jonerson Dela Cruz Male 205 PHI DNS
DNS Ronald Allan Noblejas Male 206 PHI DNS
DNS Arnold Tacluyan Male 207 PHI DNS
DNS Berni Namskie Male 208 PHI DNS
DNS Bassel Kanonji Male 216 LIB DNS
DNS Henrik Westerberg Male 223 DEN DNS
DNS Aarnoud Van De Burgt Male 228 NED DNS
DNS Hossein Badri Male 236 IRI DNS
DNS Mohammed Al Murawwi Male 241 UAE DNS
DNS Shvetank Saxena Male 243 IND DNS
DNS Andrew Chvatal Male 247 USA DNS
DNS Stefano De Gaetano Male 248 ITA DNS
DNS Gregg Petersen Male 251 RSA DNS
DNS Gareth Williams Male 262 GBR DNS
DNS Ranjith Narayan Male 274 IND DNS
DNS Arnold Dagdagan Male 275 PHI DNS
DNS Ashwani Sharma Male 276 IND DNS
DNS Francesco Parutto Male 286 ITA DNS
DNS Ali Salem Male 290 KUW DNS
DNS Eric Mateo Male 297 PHI DNS
DNS Spencer Collard Male 306 GBR DNS
DNS Johannes Holtzhausen Male 310 RSA DNS
DNS Kyle Correia Male 319 RSA DNS
DNS Tom Lawless Male 322 IRL DNS
DNS James Visick Male 323 GBR DNS
DNS Zakaria Karkouri Male 330 MAR DNS
DNS Yousef Mirza Al Hammadi Male 366 UAE DNS
DNS Marwan Ali Matar Al Balushi Male 368 UAE DNS
DNS Sudair Balushi Male 376 UAE DNS
DNS Jassem Ali Hassan Qamber Male 378 UAE DNS
DNS Abdullah Abdul Karim Male 379 UAE DNS
DNS Saeed Abdullah Sweidan Male 380 UAE DNS
DNS Majed Mohamed Abdul Raheem Al Balushi Male 382 UAE DNS
DNS Saif Maeouf Al Kaabi Male 383 UAE DNS
DNS Jaber Hussein Ahmed Abdullah Al Mansouri Male 384 UAE DNS
DNS Ali Abdullah Khamis Ahmed Al Hassani Male 385 UAE DNS
DNS Khalid Hassan Ahmed Ali Mayouf Male 386 UAE DNS
DNS Mohamed Yousef Ahmed Abdullah Al Mansouri Male 387 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmed Yousef Ahmed Abdullah Al Mansouri Male 390 UAE DNS
DNS Ibrahim Khalil Saleh Ali Hassan Al Balushi Male 392 UAE DNS
DNS Rahmani Abdul Qadir Male 393 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmed Jassem Al Ali Male 395 UAE DNS
DNS Mohamed Adel Al Ali Male 396 UAE DNS
DNS Mustapha Azoughe Male 400 UAE DNS
DNS Adham Mahmoud Abou Al Ala Male 405 UAE DNS
DNS Hamdan Shanebeh Male 411 UAE DNS
DNS Hussein Zadeh Male 413 UAE DNS
DNS Mohamed Ali Al Mutawa Male 414 UAE DNS
DNS Salah Bin Yohah Male 415 UAE DNS
DNS Obair Ayoub Al Qaiwani Male 417 UAE DNS
DNS Haroun Jassim Al Ali Male 419 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmed Mansour Al Jasmi Male 420 UAE DNS
DNS Abdullah Suhail Male 421 UAE DNS
DNS Abdullah Ali Khalil Male 424 UAE DNS
DNS Kevin Bradford Male 429 GBR DNS
DNS Khalifa Khalifa Male 430 UAE DNS
DNS Hareb Mohammed Sabbagh Male 435 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmed Ali Saif Male 436 UAE DNS
DNS Omar Salim Abdel Wahid Male 437 UAE DNS
DNS Jassim Mohammed Pamir Male 438 UAE DNS
DNS Nawaf Abdullah Yacoub Male 440 UAE DNS
DNS Saeed Salem Al Muhairu Male 441 UAE DNS
DNS Murr Abdullah Kutbi Male 442 UAE DNS
DNS Svetlana Blazevic Female 501 SRB DNS
DNS Lobna El Halawani Female 502 EGY DNS
DNS Nooshin Nazar Female 506 IRI DNS
DNS Eudelia Moult Female 508 PHI DNS
DNS Mehnaz Kamali Female 509 UAE DNS
DNS Nedaa Al Awadhi Female 510 UAE DNS
DNS Ruth Mateo Female 516 PHI DNS
DNS Marwa Abdo Female 524 EGY DNS
DNS Jane King Female 534 GBR DNS
DNS Mariam Mohamed Aldahiri Female 537 UAE DNS
DNS Mariam Fahed Alzaabi Female 540 UAE DNS
DNS Masooma Yaqoub Female 541 UAE DNS
DNS Asma Aljahani Female 544 UAE DNS
DNS Khalid Bin Hadher Male 5 UAE DNS
DNS Rashid Al Baloushi Male 7 UAE DNS
DNS Zaal Bin Zaal Male 8 UAE DNS
DNS Mansoor Abir Male 10 UAE DNS
DNS Adnan Al Janahi Male 11 UAE DNS
DNS Abdulla Al Marzouqi Male 12 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmed Almarri Male 22 UAE DNS
DNS Mohamed Almehairbi Male 23 UAE DNS
DNS Majid Al Sayegh Male 24 UAE DNS
DNS Omair Alfahim Male 27 UAE DNS
DNS Hashim Al Bedwawi Male 30 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmad Al Jasmi Male 31 UAE DNS
DNS Obaid Al Muhairi Male 33 UAE DNS
DNS Al Nekaira Al Khyeli Male 36 UAE DNS
DNS Humaid Al Hammadi Male 43 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmad Al Mutawei Male 50 UAE DNS
DNS Abed Mohamed Male 52 UAE DNS
DNS Mohammed Al Hammadi Male 54 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmed Al Dhari Male 55 UAE DNS
DNS Ahmed Alsuwaidi Male 56 UAE DNS
DNS Dhafer Al Shamsi Male 58 UAE DNS
DNS Nayef Hassan Almarzoqi Male 60 UAE DNS
DNS Mohamed Alzaabi Male 61 UAE DNS
DNS Soultan Aljahouri Male 62 UAE DNS
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We try and identify any photos of you as quickly as possible; when we do we link them to the 'Photos' tab found under 'Transactions' in your Premier Online account and / or we will send a personal link to your registered email address (the one used and associated with your event entry). If you didn't receive our email in your inbox please always check your spam/junk folder or, if using a work or private mail server, do check that it's not blocking receiving emails from us.

We do not publish and make searchable everyone's photos for privacy reasons and in accordance with regulations in place in the UAE regarding the photographing of individuals.

If you do not find any photo of you during your recent participation this could be for any of several reasons such as you wore your number on your back or not at all! Perhaps you were behind someone else and we missed being able to photograph your bib number or your arms were covering part of your number when we went 'click'.

It's also possible you were simply too fast for our photographers and they missed being able to take your photo!

We only upload and display photos of individuals and only when we can clearly identify you, from your race number. Please do make sure you're always nice and visible the next time you see one of the Premier Photos team. Waving or raising your arms in the air always helps us see your number better AND makes you look like you're having lots of fun too!

Sometimes other people help identify a few incorrectly tagged photos so it's always worth checking back in some hours or a day or so, just in case we managed to find one of you; if this is still not the case we're sorry and hope to catch you next time!