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Male 07:30:27 - Liam Dolan
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Rank Name Gender Bib Nationality Finish Time Diff.
1 Liam Dolan Male 454 IRL 07:30:27 Faster than Average Finish
2 Luke Longney Male 466 QAT 07:37:56 Faster than Average Finish +00:07:29
3 Reilly Smith Male 488 USA 07:46:02 Faster than Average Finish +00:15:35
4 Dane Cantwell Male 527 HKG 07:48:47 Faster than Average Finish +00:18:20
5 Thomas Berger Male 553 GER 08:04:22 Faster than Average Finish +00:33:55
6 Søren Kriegbaum Rohde Male 570 DEN 08:12:38 Faster than Average Finish +00:42:11
7 Diego Ayoubi Male 452 DEN 08:16:53 Faster than Average Finish +00:46:26
8 Alexandre Reinert Male 586 HKG 08:27:53 Faster than Average Finish +00:57:26
9 Daniel Achondo Male 480 USA 08:34:33 Faster than Average Finish +01:04:06
10 Ronald Molit Male 1808 UAE 08:43:16 Faster than Average Finish +01:12:49
11 Jaray Jearanai Male 1806 THA 08:47:38 Faster than Average Finish +01:17:11
12 Jiri Vystejn Male 543 QAT 08:51:09 Faster than Average Finish +01:20:42
13 Wayne Gerber Male 490 RSA 08:52:47 Faster than Average Finish +01:22:20
14 Michael Stafford Male 464 IRL 08:59:34 Faster than Average Finish +01:29:07
15 Gareth Hall Male 548 AUS 09:12:45 Faster than Average Finish +01:42:18
16 Gerd Muetze Male 564 GER 09:24:50 Slower than Average Finish +01:54:23
17 Pablo Duque Male 630 ESP 09:25:14 Slower than Average Finish +01:54:47
18 Sergey Cherkasov Male 494 RUS 09:37:47 Slower than Average Finish +02:07:20
19 Brian Ehrhardt Male 1599 BHR 09:39:42 Slower than Average Finish +02:09:15
20 Flo Schweri Male 502 SUI 09:53:43 Slower than Average Finish +02:23:16
21 Mikko Raatikainen Male 522 FIN 09:58:12 Slower than Average Finish +02:27:45
22 Fabien Rabeau Male 525 UAE 10:08:20 Slower than Average Finish +02:37:53
23 Damon Fenner Male 483 SIN 10:10:09 Slower than Average Finish +02:39:42
24 Jaroslav Prokop Male 1809 UAE 10:41:53 Slower than Average Finish +03:11:26
25 Johannes Otto Male 659 RSA 10:43:52 Slower than Average Finish +03:13:25
26 Ingmar Weber Male 468 QAT 11:05:11 Slower than Average Finish +03:34:44
27 Vijay Ramburuth Male 580 UAE 11:22:35 Slower than Average Finish +03:52:08
28 Jonathan Harris Male 618 UAE 11:25:13 Slower than Average Finish +03:54:46
29 Marko Ristic Male 625 QAT 11:33:43 Slower than Average Finish +04:03:16
30 Faheem Ebrahim Male 473 HKG 11:34:37 Slower than Average Finish +04:04:10
DQF Johnny Walker Male 1996 11:19:31 Slower than Average Finish +03:49:04
DNF Diego Calderon Male 576 ESP DNF
DNF Patrik Pizzali Male 626 SIN DNF
DNF Rémi Campana Male 652 FRA DNF
DNF Gerhard Pretorius Male 472 UAE DNF
DNF Masato Kojima Male 492 UAE DNF
DNF Sébastien Escola-Fasseur Male 512 FRA DNF
DNF Heiko Schwalb Male 555 GER DNF
DNS Toni Junghaenel Male 605 UAE DNS
DNS Eddy Moreau Male 1598 FRA DNS
DNS Gregg Jones Male 503 GBR DNS
DNS Rodrigo Manjarrez Male 545 MEX DNS
DNS Northon Coimbrao Male 546 BRA DNS

We try and identify any photos of you as quickly as possible; when we do we link them to the 'Photos' tab found under 'Transactions' in your Premier Online account and / or we will send a personal link to your registered email address (the one used and associated with your event entry). If you didn't receive our email in your inbox please always check your spam/junk folder or, if using a work or private mail server, do check that it's not blocking receiving emails from us.

We do not publish and make searchable everyone's photos for privacy reasons and in accordance with regulations in place in the UAE regarding the photographing of individuals.

If you do not find any photo of you during your recent participation this could be for any of several reasons such as you wore your number on your back or not at all! Perhaps you were behind someone else and we missed being able to photograph your bib number or your arms were covering part of your number when we went 'click'.

It's also possible you were simply too fast for our photographers and they missed being able to take your photo!

We only upload and display photos of individuals and only when we can clearly identify you, from your race number. Please do make sure you're always nice and visible the next time you see one of the Premier Photos team. Waving or raising your arms in the air always helps us see your number better AND makes you look like you're having lots of fun too!

Sometimes other people help identify a few incorrectly tagged photos so it's always worth checking back in some hours or a day or so, just in case we managed to find one of you; if this is still not the case we're sorry and hope to catch you next time!