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Will your event have 'wave' starts (groups starting at different times from the same place) and if so, how many you anticipate:

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Timing and results requirements

Timed events have, as a minimum, a (1) finish line timing system. Please tell us how many timing systems in TOTAL (1 + ?) you think you'll require:(we will suggest the appropriate width of each system based on the information you've submitted)

Timing Systems

Please tell us which position you require these additional systems at (Start/Transition/Split Points etc)

Will the start and finish be exactly the same place?

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Will your race be using a looped course, passing any timing point more than once?

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As a standard, we provide results based on the categories and genders as structured in the entry system. Do you require any additional results (i.e. Combined series results, club/company results, point system etc…)

No, just standard results Yes

How are participants registering for the event?

Online, exclusively on (includes preferential pricing for timing services)
Online, other

If you accept our quotation, will your Accounts Dept require physical copies of documents?

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Based upon the above information we should be able to quote you quite accurately for the provision of timing services to your event, if however there is any additional information you feel may help us in creating your quote; please tell us about it here:

We offer additional race services to complement your event that we'd be pleased to quote you for. Please indicate any other services you are interested in:

Bags (Goody/Gift)
Bib (Race) Numbers
Commentator Information Service
Event Photography Service
Live Tracking
Online Sales / Merchandize
Promotional Opportunities - Email
Promotional Opportunities - SMS
Promotional Opportunities - Website
Race Clocks (elapsed time display)
Race Pack Fulfillment
Timing Certificate (Online Downloads)

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